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Top 10 Free Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration Companies List - Free Domain Name and Hosting

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Best way to display information is blog or website. Here you can display text, image, video, audio, eBook, content in one page. Every person who have a computer known about site. Now a site becomes most important media then all other.

Blogging now become a business and to do we need to buy domain and web hosting service. free web hosting reviews below to initiate. if you need premium hosting at cheapest price you can refer BlueHost (popular), HostGator, Ipage, HostClear (afforadable and best), I always prefer premium Hosting, many of you want to generate money from advertising like Adsense and other ad companies. Then need blog or website and web hosting. There are two types of hosting in online, one is free and other one is paid. In this article I will show you best free web hosting. But at first you need to know about domain name and web hosting. Figure out what is web hosting and domain from below.

What is domain? 

Domain is a site name. It is online identity of your site. It is an IP address you got from your web hosting provider. It is using for access your site.

You have a great idea about hosting and domain. Now you should know about "what kind of hosting are available on online?". There are 2 kind of hosting serve by web hosting provider paid and free. Today I will discuss about free web hosting.

What is hosting?

Hosting is a server where your site has to be stored. If you want to see your website or content in online, you should host it on a server. Server is computer hardware user. If you host your site on a server it totally got online. When any internet user wants to visit your website, the browser will send a request to the server. The server takes your request and sends data to your browser. So you see your site/blog. This is called web hosting.

Free web hosting services: 

Free Hosting service is a free service for user. User can use free web hosting as they wish. Some feature will be unavailable but you can use free web hosting easily without any error. Today many web hosting service provider gives free web hosting and domain. 

Top 10 Free Domain Names                                   Top 10 Free Web Hosting Companies 

  #1. Dot TK                                                                               #1. 000Webhost    
  #2. Co.nr                                                                                 #2. Wix  
  #3. Unime                                                                                #3. Weebly     
  #4. Cu.cc                                                                                 #4. Edublogs
  #5. SmartDots                                                                          #5. Webs                           
  #6. Joynic                                                                                #6. Freehostia
  #7. NL.ae                                                                                 #7. Freehosting.com               
  #8. EuropNic                                                                            #8. 5GBFREE
  #9. Biz.ly                                                                                 #9. 1freehosting
  #10. Biz.nf                                                                              #10. Gegahost 

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